Escapism: A Viscious Cycle

People fill their lives with all kinds of distractions. Whether its TV shows, fiction books (for those who read at all), movies, sports, music, social media, the internet, or porn, we use entertainment to escape our less than desirable lives. People are fat, lazy, lonely, poor, dependent, aimless and weak. In order to not have to face such a stark reality, we try to escape from our real lives with our distractions and fantasies. The problem is, that the longer we ignore reality and seek escape, the worse our reality becomes, and the more we desire escape. Its a viscious cycle, but there is a way out: self improvement. Start replacing your escapist crutches with things that will help you improve your reality so that you wont feel the need to escape it. Go to the gym and get in better shape, read non-fiction and gain knowledge, ditch the porn and learn Game, hone your craft and build wealth. The only way to escape the viscious cycle of escapism is to build yourself a life worth living.


The Sour Spot

Long before I was part of the manosphere, I read “The Game” by Neil Strauss. One of the things that stuck with me is that when rating women on a 10 scale, that there is no number below six. Not that there aren’t women unattractive enough to fill those numbers, but you should not consider dating, fucking, etc. any woman below a 6. That leaves the eligible woman scale from 6 to 10. Somewhere in this range exists the sour spot. The girls on the low end are generally receptive to male attention because they aren’t attractive enough to get hit on often. The girls at the top are so attractive that most men (betas) are too intimidated to approach, but the lack of attention makes them more receptive than girls in the middle: the sour spot. The girls in the sour spot are attractive enough to get hit on often, while not being attractive enough to be intimidating. These are the queens of entitlement, bitchiness, and carousel riding (which is in reality, rejection). There are exceptions of course, but recently ive been seeing a lot of girls complaining about getting hit on all the time. My best advice is to give these women what they say they want, and simply ignore them like the plague, unless of course you just want the pump and dump. You’re better off hitting on the 9s and 10s who have been waiting for a real man to come along. No need to let her less attractive friends have all the fun.



One of the phrases sometimes used here in the manosphere has some important implications. That phrase is: unrestrained hypergamy. We know hypergamy to a woman’s attracting and securing the most high status man she believes she is capable. There is more to hypergamy, but this will do for now. What I want to focus on is the first word in my phrase: unrestrained. A woman will attempt to exercise her hypergamic instincts to their maximum effect, limited by the potential consequences of her surroundings(or the believed consequences of her believed surroundings). These surroundings and their rules make the restaints. A man can limit himself by his beliefs of right and wrong alone, but whereas a man can be limited by his own guilt, it takes shame, judgement from without, to limit a woman. When the rules were strict on female mating conduct, women adapted. They maximized their hypergamic instincts within their perceived limits, but now we live in a time where women and their hypergamous instincts have few limits of which to speak. Really, almost everyone will attempt to promote their own self interests as much as they believe is possible. Its the reason politicians vote to raise their own pay, urban blacks vote for entitlement programs, wealthy people vote for low taxes, and it is the same reason that there are so many stories about the coldness and cruelty women deal out in the mating market, even the ugly ones. Not every person will maximize their own self interest as much as possible, but the only way above it is a system of honor, something women do not have, and too few men.

Don’t Give Pearls To Swine

Truth is an incredibly valuable thing, especially the truth about the Red Pill or Game, or whatever you choose to call it, and for every believer in the manosphere, there are 2 deniers. The pro-Game crowd argues and gives logical points, anecdotal evidence, scientific studies, and all to no avail. The problem is not weak arguments or a lack of persuasiveness. The real problem is giving them such valuable truth at all. Its like giving away pieces of gold and having someone say that it isn’t real, or it isn’t worth anything, and trying to convince them to the contrary. Its pointless and stupid. If someone doesn’t want what you have to give, do not offer it to them. Truth is too valuable to waste on cynics, doubters, and other ego invested people who have gone too far and said too much to change their minds, even in the face of compelling evidence. The truth is not for these people, for if their hearts are hard, giving them the truth is like giving pearls to swine.

Kill It! Kill It!

How do you feel about bugs? It is in our programming to feel something about them. The average annoying bug is just about the smallest thing that can trigger a fight or flight response out of someone. Until the feminization of men and the masculization of women in our society, men would kill obnoxious bugs, generally with a women screaming in terror, “kill it, kill it”. We live in a world of cures and vaccines now, but in the past any bug could have been the harbinger of death for your family, tribe, clan, etc. Now liberal feminist society wants you to believe that killing anything, or even the ability to do so is wrong. The problem is that as women support these no killing policies, they find themselves uncontrollably turned on by a simple biological reality: “I want a man who is able and willing to kill to protect me. I want him right here in my pussy.” Men killing things to protect and/or provide for himself and his family is natural and right. Now instead of keeping this reality in the open it is limited to the regions of fetishes and dirty little secrets. In the void of dominant masculine men, a void created by feminism, the modern Western woman gets off on 50 Shades of Vampire Porn and conjugal visits to the nearest dangerous felon. Men, remember that no matter what the world of egalitarian churchianity says, the ability and willingness to kill something that endangers us and our families is intrinsic and vital to being a man.

Its Never Over

I went out to the bars after a long hiatus tonight. I figured I had all the tools I needed to make easy work of the night, but I was wrong. I was looking good, and got approached by some attractive women, and even had a girl buy me a drink. Yet still, no deal was sealed. There are plenty of issues I could point out with the bar, or the girls, or other circumstantial things, but they’re ultimately irrelevant. It is my responsibility to see my obstacles clearly and handle them appropriately. The point is that your work is never done. As much as I now know about Game, my execution was still off. Keep learning, keep improving, keep experiencing, keep conquering. Its never over.

Its About Time” title=”Woman falsely accuses 3 men of rape, gets 2 years in jail

Yet another news story, proving once again what the manosphere has been saying about hypergamy, solipsism, and women in general. The only pleasant surprise is that she fessed up as soon as she did. Although, in typical modern female fashion, she had no remorse. And yes, even though not all women are like that, all women, due to hypergamy and solipsism, are more than capable. Hopefully the MRAs at least see this case as a small step in the right direction.