Don’t Give Pearls To Swine

Truth is an incredibly valuable thing, especially the truth about the Red Pill or Game, or whatever you choose to call it, and for every believer in the manosphere, there are 2 deniers. The pro-Game crowd argues and gives logical points, anecdotal evidence, scientific studies, and all to no avail. The problem is not weak arguments or a lack of persuasiveness. The real problem is giving them such valuable truth at all. Its like giving away pieces of gold and having someone say that it isn’t real, or it isn’t worth anything, and trying to convince them to the contrary. Its pointless and stupid. If someone doesn’t want what you have to give, do not offer it to them. Truth is too valuable to waste on cynics, doubters, and other ego invested people who have gone too far and said too much to change their minds, even in the face of compelling evidence. The truth is not for these people, for if their hearts are hard, giving them the truth is like giving pearls to swine.


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