Rejection sucks

My post today is about rejection. Many men will avoid rejection in order to not get hurt. I can understand the logic. Rejection sucks. Although i will say that with no risk comes no reward, especially when it comes to your interactions with women. Women find risk takers attractive, so if you are too afraid to ask her out, she’s already turned off. The only way to be an attractive, dominant man is to take risks. Women really do want the man who takes what he wants (50 shades of grey). Even when a risk doesnt pay off, it makes for a learning experience. Rejection sucks, but rejection is an effective teacher. Do not fear rejection, just try to learn fast, and soon you’ll be having success, but if you dont put yourself out there, you still wont get what you want, and you will not have learned what you need to succeed. Rejection sucks, but its worth it.