Kill It! Kill It!

How do you feel about bugs? It is in our programming to feel something about them. The average annoying bug is just about the smallest thing that can trigger a fight or flight response out of someone. Until the feminization of men and the masculization of women in our society, men would kill obnoxious bugs, generally with a women screaming in terror, “kill it, kill it”. We live in a world of cures and vaccines now, but in the past any bug could have been the harbinger of death for your family, tribe, clan, etc. Now liberal feminist society wants you to believe that killing anything, or even the ability to do so is wrong. The problem is that as women support these no killing policies, they find themselves uncontrollably turned on by a simple biological reality: “I want a man who is able and willing to kill to protect me. I want him right here in my pussy.” Men killing things to protect and/or provide for himself and his family is natural and right. Now instead of keeping this reality in the open it is limited to the regions of fetishes and dirty little secrets. In the void of dominant masculine men, a void created by feminism, the modern Western woman gets off on 50 Shades of Vampire Porn and conjugal visits to the nearest dangerous felon. Men, remember that no matter what the world of egalitarian churchianity says, the ability and willingness to kill something that endangers us and our families is intrinsic and vital to being a man.