Escapism: A Viscious Cycle

People fill their lives with all kinds of distractions. Whether its TV shows, fiction books (for those who read at all), movies, sports, music, social media, the internet, or porn, we use entertainment to escape our less than desirable lives. People are fat, lazy, lonely, poor, dependent, aimless and weak. In order to not have to face such a stark reality, we try to escape from our real lives with our distractions and fantasies. The problem is, that the longer we ignore reality and seek escape, the worse our reality becomes, and the more we desire escape. Its a viscious cycle, but there is a way out: self improvement. Start replacing your escapist crutches with things that will help you improve your reality so that you wont feel the need to escape it. Go to the gym and get in better shape, read non-fiction and gain knowledge, ditch the porn and learn Game, hone your craft and build wealth. The only way to escape the viscious cycle of escapism is to build yourself a life worth living.