The Three Sisters

My post today is about some lines I’ve been drawing between three ideologies which to me seem very related, and all very dangerous, especially together. These three ideologies are feminism, communism, and atheism. I believe each one is bad, although i know decent people who would defend any one of these. Even i argued that communism was just another way to do government, no better or worse than anything else, but i was wrong. These three movements, when combined, create a system that i argue, could allow one man to rise to immense power and have total control, possibly over the whole world.

I’ve always thought that feminism should be called female masculism, because that is what it really is for women, but what is it then for men? Male feminism. Its really about turning men into women, and even at that, less than women. So with the full success of feminism, all men will be made into weak, lowly subservients with no power. Women will rule in that day (or so they think). Now with the vast majority of men rendered useless, the few men who can manipulate their way through the female minds en masse, and be the dominant men (or man) to whom all these now powerful women will submit, and there will be no rational, dominant man a who can stop it, for all political decisions will be at the whims of the hypergamic, solipsistic, hive mind. So where does communism fit into this?

Communism, like feminism uses a scapegoat to take the blame for all of its problems. For feminism, its men, but for communism its the wealthy. “Those evil rich people are keeping us down. We should all be paid equally!” So now instead of the particularly talented, wise, ruthless, or lucky being able to climb to greatness, everyone is at the bottom together. Except for the dictator that is. The one man with all the power; his subjects completely dependent on him. Communism has long mad a goal of destroying the family unit, so that the State would serve as father and husband to the single mother and her children, and the only masculine direction they would have is from the dictator. Today, in our feminist society, we can see the increase in both single motherhood and single mothers increasing dependence on the State for financial support. Communism and feminism together create a system for one man to hold great power, and this power is only increased by atheism.

Atheism is much more than just another worldview. In a dictatorship, atheism takes away a higher power to believe in, leaving the dictator as the highest, and ultimate, power and authority figure. The dictator is the ultimate judge, provider, teacher, man, king, emperor, and now, god. Atheism also serves feminism in taking away any ultimate consequences for all immoral behavior, especially feminism’s favorite: abortion. Atheism also has lead science astray with evolutionism. It has been believed that the STEM fields (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) are ultimately what allows a society, and civilization to move forward, and I agree, but evolutionary theory leads scientists to make assertions off a false premise. This will ultimately lead to our society, and our civilization being set back from our potential growth by many years. This problem only gets worse as long as scientists keep making assertions based on this false worldview. I’m not sure where that fits into one man’s rise to untold power, other than the ignorance of the masses allows for greater manipulation and control.

In conclusion, feminism, communism, and atheism together work to undermine western society, and civilization as a whole. Each one is bad enough, but together some scary things are not only possible, but i believe are already in the making. The destruction of the family unit, the stripping of a higher power, and the removal of power from men, leaves a void for one very intelligent, manipulative, and surely evil man, to rule the world.


Horror Movies: Why women like them and I never have.

My post today was going to be much different, but i found inspiration with this. I have never enjoyed horror movies, and i had a hard time placing why. My friends liked them, and girls especially liked them (which i found perplexing since these were the same girls i saw as pure and innocent at the time), but I did not. The best thing i could come up with was that they invoked a feeling of helplessness. Why is this killer/monster/zombie/doll/whatever so powerful and these people are so weak? And why is the director doing everything he can to project those feelings of helplessness towards the viewer? Now after my red pill transformation I understand that its because the target audience is women. Think about it this way, the best selling horror movies have a dominant male villian, who is some combination of sadistic, psychopathic, narcissistic, and Machiavellian. Those of you versed in the manosphere know that women find these qualities attractive, and male violence also gets the tingles going. As much as women would like to deny all of this, their actions tell us the truth. They go to see these movies because feeling helpless at the whims of a dominant, violent man is an erotic experience for them. And men are labeled as perverts for watching porn. Who’s perverse now?