The Sour Spot

Long before I was part of the manosphere, I read “The Game” by Neil Strauss. One of the things that stuck with me is that when rating women on a 10 scale, that there is no number below six. Not that there aren’t women unattractive enough to fill those numbers, but you should not consider dating, fucking, etc. any woman below a 6. That leaves the eligible woman scale from 6 to 10. Somewhere in this range exists the sour spot. The girls on the low end are generally receptive to male attention because they aren’t attractive enough to get hit on often. The girls at the top are so attractive that most men (betas) are too intimidated to approach, but the lack of attention makes them more receptive than girls in the middle: the sour spot. The girls in the sour spot are attractive enough to get hit on often, while not being attractive enough to be intimidating. These are the queens of entitlement, bitchiness, and carousel riding (which is in reality, rejection). There are exceptions of course, but recently ive been seeing a lot of girls complaining about getting hit on all the time. My best advice is to give these women what they say they want, and simply ignore them like the plague, unless of course you just want the pump and dump. You’re better off hitting on the 9s and 10s who have been waiting for a real man to come along. No need to let her less attractive friends have all the fun.



One thought on “The Sour Spot

  1. “The Sour Spot” – true !
    no one hits on the ugly girls
    everyone hits on the medium girls
    no one dares to hit on the superhot girls
    you have a point there (:

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