Lessons in Power

Today i want to talk about power. Power is sought out by all people, whether or not they admit it. The gaining of power is played like a game, and there are many strategies, successful or not, that we use in order to gain power. The game of power has rules; those who obey are rewarded richly, and those who transgress are often punished swiftly. One of those rules is to crush your enemy completely.* If you make an enemy and let up on them, and let them continue to be in your presence, they will strike you sooner or later, and they might not make the same mistake. I went on a couple of dates with this girl at work whom i supervise. It was fun, but i wasn’t (and aren’t) interested in a committed relationship, and even if i was, it wouldn’t be with her. I let her down easy, and tried to be kind about it, because i knew she had feelings for me. Ever since then she has been a total bitch, not to mention an insubordinate worker. Its gotten to the point where another member of the “sisterhood” has decided to join her in her displays of gross disrespect. Obviously i should have made sure to either avoid hurting her at all, or hurt her bad enough that she couldnt lash out against me. The lesson here, learned the hard way, is to follow the laws of power; failure to do so is to bring punishment upon yourself.

*This rule is from Robert Greene’s “48 Laws Of Power” I am currently in the middle of reading it, and already I highly recommend it.


Fap or no fap? That is the question.

I havent posted in a while, but here it goes. There is a lot of debate in the Manosphere about masturbation. Some say that masturbation lowers your testosterone levels and makes you “pheremonally beta”, while others would insist that regular sexual release (even alone in your room) will help you to not be on edge and sexually desperate when on the prowl. Both camps make decent points, and ive decided to weigh in on this as well. As i said before in my post about exercise, testosterone is important. Testosterone is what drives men to achieve greatness. The greatest art and scientific discoveries were made my men who didnt have sexual release as part of their lives, and it drove them to greatness. I am not saying you should give up on getting laid, because that path is viable only for the very few, but i am saying that keeping your testosterone levels in a higher place will make you feel, act, and be more of a man. So am I in league with the no fap camp? Not completely. For nearly all men, a complete lack of sexual release is a recipe for insanity. I would suggest for those still without the soft touch of a woman to really limit how much you masturbate. The oxytocin attachment to women who have no attachment to you really is bad for you. Try to limit yourself to once every 2 days at the absolute most frequent. Working out will also help you on your mission, as your body will use up some of your pent up testosterone to help you through your workout, and it will lessen that overwhelming urge to paint something white.