Horror Movies: Why women like them and I never have.

My post today was going to be much different, but i found inspiration with this. I have never enjoyed horror movies, and i had a hard time placing why. My friends liked them, and girls especially liked them (which i found perplexing since these were the same girls i saw as pure and innocent at the time), but I did not. The best thing i could come up with was that they invoked a feeling of helplessness. Why is this killer/monster/zombie/doll/whatever so powerful and these people are so weak? And why is the director doing everything he can to project those feelings of helplessness towards the viewer? Now after my red pill transformation I understand that its because the target audience is women. Think about it this way, the best selling horror movies have a dominant male villian, who is some combination of sadistic, psychopathic, narcissistic, and Machiavellian. Those of you versed in the manosphere know that women find these qualities attractive, and male violence also gets the tingles going. As much as women would like to deny all of this, their actions tell us the truth. They go to see these movies because feeling helpless at the whims of a dominant, violent man is an erotic experience for them. And men are labeled as perverts for watching porn. Who’s perverse now?


4 thoughts on “Horror Movies: Why women like them and I never have.

  1. The horror genre also allows for great acts of heroism, however.
    Consider the first “Alien” film, which was about horror and survival.
    It inspired the second film, “Aliens,” which was about kicking butt and taking names despite overwhelming odds.

    Without horror, action movies become too easy. If there is no challenge from the danger, it’s not really a danger.

    E.g. zombies attack a USMC vet who is within 50 m of a loaded gun. The vet guns, gets the gun, and then the story is all over except for the exploding zombie heads.

    Compare that to a story like “Near Dark.”

  2. Very true, good post.

    One basic reason is that women do not have a male fight-or-flight response when confronted by danger. Instead, they have a fuck-or-flight response.

    Basic evolution: as a woman, if a marauder swept your village and you fought hard, you’d be killed. But if you willingly gave yourself up to the invader, you not only survive, you likely got tougher/more masculine male children.

    File under: Women trade sex for security.

    Horror movies have the standard template of the Final Girl—that is, the person who survives last is the virginal young good girl. It is usually the girl the killer wants to kill the most-. (N.B: sometimes filmmakers have played with this, changing Final Girl to a small child). In other words, the girl most likely to be paying attention to the film plot and not blowing her boyfriend on the couch. So she identifies strongly with the main character, and the fear the girl fears gets her all hot and bothered.

    Teenage girls, inexperienced at sex, get their jollies off watching this shit.

    p.s. this is also why good pranks that startle or frighten your girl are good for your relationship. Frightening a woman now and then mildly (i.e. jumping out from a closet with a mask on, etc.) gets a woman’s juices flowing. It’s little wonder women’s fantasy lives include rape fantasies, S&M fantasies, and other ideals of not being in control.

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