Hit the gym.

My post today is about testosterone. Testosterone is the “male” hormone, and it’s what makes a man a man (so to speak). In a fight between equally trained men, the winner will almost always be the one with more testosterone. Many of the behaviors that are identified as being “alpha” are properties of high testosterone levels. Even male attractiveness is somewhat determined by a man’s prenatal testosterone levels. It also happens to be the hormone that regulates sex drive in both sexes. For better or worse men have about 17 to 20 times (average) more testosterone than women. So the next time someone tells you “women want sex just as much or more than men do”, its a blatant lie. Men will always want it more, like 20 times more. The point of all this is to say that testosterone is something very defining of masculinity as a whole. In todays world, many guys live with poor diets and little exercise, which are two things that will make your testosterone levels, your masculinity, and your happiness suffer. My first and best suggestion to fix this problem is to WORK OUT. Working out vigorously will naturally increase your testosterone levels. Skinny guys will get hungry, eat more, and become more muscular. Fat guys will trim down, tone up, and actually experience a DECREASE in appetite. Its almost as if we were meant to be physically active, like we had to be able to hunt, and fight to survive. Oh thats right we did, and guess who got the hottest chicks back then? The guys who were most fit to hunt and war, the guys who had the most testosterone, the guys who were fit. Hit the gym!


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