Its a process

It was a short few months ago that I decided to “take the red pill”. What i mean by that is i became enlightened to the ugly truths about women: solipsism, hypergamy, and the seemingly ridiculous things that women do because of those things. However, taking the red pill isnt just hearing about these things, its also accepting them as a very real part of our reality, and believe me, they are VERY real. I learned that being a “nice guy” (a chump) was the least attractive thing you can be to a woman, and if you dont have her attraction, you have nothing of value with her. My ideas of women changed, my personality changed, i started working out and lost a lot of weight, all of which are good things and progress certainly, but im still no Don Juan. You may ask, “where is the hope then? Why make all these changes if they arent helping?” Thats the thing, these changes ARE helping, but it doesnt happen overnight. I may not pull all kinds of tail like the great pickup artists, but ive come a long way from hopeless loser. Learning Game and becoming a man is ultimately, a process.


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